Why vegan ?

As an passionate vegan cook, I started the adventure Casse-Noisette in 2015 to make everyone discover another kind of kitchen.

Deeply active and engaged into the animal protection and the nature preservation, I was early aware that our feeding and global consumption choices were strong and concrete weapons to fight against the earth destruction.
I am not an utopist (am I?), but I am sure that we can all « do our part », quoting Pierre Rabhi.

Saving your health

Today we can not ignore that the food industry doesn’t really take care of us… The meat and animal products excess causes many troubles, such as diabet, cardiovascular diseases, bad cholesterol, and so on. Many of us don’t eat vegetables and fruits enough. We also too rarely eat aliments as virgin oils, avocados and nuts, or vegetable proteins (legumes, complete cereals, tofu…)
Becoming vegan forces you to discover new or forgotten ingredients, and to usually get some new and much healthier eating habits.


Préserver la planète

Factory farming is responsible of more than 15% of carbon emissions, which means more than the transports ! Animal farming is a worldwide energetic disaster, when you know that many animals are fed with plants coming across the world. Those field crops could feed humanity instead of feeding animals that will then feed only a few and wealthy people…
As for the fishes, we all know that they are dramatically disappearing. Overfishing, forbidden fishing or non-compliance with quotas create extinction risks on many species. It also simply interfers with the natural balances of the oceans.
Some numbers ?
According to HYPERLINK « https://www.l214.com/ » \n _blankL214, a french NGO that protects animal farming rights, an organic and vegetable meal is equal to 291km, when a meal with non-organic meat and dairy products is equal to 4758km…
Another example : you will need 15.500L of water to produce one kilogram of beef, 700L of water for one kilogram of apples, and 1300L of water for one kilogram of cereals.

Sauver les animaux

Each year, more than 70 billions of animals are killed throughout the world to feed humanity. The problem isn’t only ethical. All these animals are bred and slaughtered in awful conditions.

Chikens and hens, rabbits, veals, cows and pigs stop being considered as sensitive beings, but only as consumer goods.
The intensive farming system is a shame, but it still exists.

How can you remain insensitive in front of sows laying on the floor without being able to move, only here to give babies, when you know how smart pigs are ? Many piglets die suffocating under their mother who can’t even get up !
How can you endure the idea that veals from the dairy industry are taken away from their mothers as soon as they were born, and then kept alone into small boxes where they will suffer from anaemia simply to get the good color of meat ? Most of them will be transported during hours without water or food, and will be killed in some terrible conditions.

And what can we say about battery farming hens, where the poor animals will never see the light of the sun and have to suffer a terrible promiscuity ? Do you know that male chicks are crushed alive just because they won’t give eggs ? Do you know that the hens, becoming crazy, usually start to kill each other ?

The problem is that the factory farming is doing everything to keep us from knowing and seeing all this… and you won’t meet many people who think about the life and death of the poor animal they have in their plate.
Paul McCartney, who is vegetarian for more than 30 years, said that «if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian»…
So, if you are sensitive to animal suffering and earth conservation, you know what you have to do;)

So, if you are sensitive to animal suffering and earth conservation, you know what you have to do  😉


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