Our ecological approach

After having managed Casse-Noisette alone for three years, today we are two, and we are both active into the animal and environmental protection (as members of the association L214, for example). We have the same convictions about the image and the message the restaurant must give.

  • Casse-Noisette is a place where humans, animals and nature are respected. We are doing our best to make it as ethical as possible : beyond the fact that we don’t use any animal product, which already limits our environmental impact, we are trying to hold a responsible place through many little actions like:
  • Reducing wastage with a better portions control or the use of doggy bags. We also bring back home the food that wasn’t eat and can’t be served again. We don’t junk more than 5lb a year, which is very few for a restaurant.
  • Using products with an eco-label (washing-up liquid, cleaning agents, soap…)
  • Getting our electricity with Ekwateur, a french energy supplier which is 100% renewable
    Sorting our waste, including organic waste (took by our market gardener)
  • Buying already used material, as much as we can
    Using organic products and food (from 70 to 80%)
    Encouraging local food and producers, and always following the seasons
On Saturday afternoon, we sometimes welcome associations and entreprises acting in favour of sustainable development and animal protection. We call it « Les Ateliers du samedi ». 

Here is a list of the main producers and suppliers we are working with :


La Ferme Jamato, situated close to Gonneville-la-mallet (a few miles from Le Havre). It produces more than 80 varieties of organic vegetables, works with donkeys to limit pollution et takes part to the development of the organic farming in Normandie.

Les Cafés Duchossoy,  famous in Le Havre, provide us an excellent coffee, and also really tasty chocolates to go with it !

Rayons Verts, , an organic shop situated on the Coty avenue. It exists for years in Le Havre, much before the organic fashion… Faithful to its ethical, the shop proposes a large range of products with reasonable prices. The team is really nice and helps us to easily get new vegan products.

Du Pain et des gourmandises, is a small bakery really close to the restaurant. We are always welcome and the bread is really good. They also make us special vegan bread, such as vegan burgers which are sooo good !

La Ferme du Bois Rosé, created in 2019 by Yohann, a friend and market garderner who’s using organic permaculture. He provides us very nice red fruits, one of his specialties.

Un Monde Vegan, Un Monde Vegan is a famous vegan shop in Paris, the first created in France. It delivers us goods we can’t find in Le Havre !


Restauration Vegan

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