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From street-food to the french classicals, from the cakes of our childhood to raw desserts, vegan food is incredibly rich. We are doing our best to give you a nice piece of it;)
As to the drinks, you will find a large range of hot drinks (home-made latte, teas, rooibos, plants infusions…) but also a local cider, vegan wines and beers, fair-trade fruit juices or smoothies… all organic !

Eating and drinking

Meals are changing every week, depending on the season, the deliveries, and our desires… The food is thus always fresh:)

We propose starters and snacks (from 4,50€ to 6,50€), mains (9,50€ to 11€) and desserts (from 4,50€ to 6,50€) every week.
Everything is totally vegan, and you always find a gluten-free option.

We also sell organic, artisan and French vegan cheeses, such as New Roots, Tomm’Pousse, La Petite Frawmagerie and Des ferments et des graines !

You also get 10% off if you choose to take away.


Restauration Vegan

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